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Audio Description Of Movies
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We are glad to share that Saksham has started one of its project “Audio Describe Movies for Blind People” which has been under taken for the first time in India because saksham thinks that

If you cant see doesnt mean you cant dream


Films are a very effective medium for creating public awareness and in creating opinions. Watching movies are the most common and effective way of entertainment and edutainment for everybody. Normally persons with blindness or low-vision also watch movies but they follow only the sound and try to perceive what the filmmaker has offered to the spectators. Lots of the story and crucial information in the movie is provided through facial expressions, costumes, ambience, environment and body languages. Most of such information is unable to reach the persons with blindness and many of such things are perceived by them by just mere guess based on audio clues.

To tackle it properly a practice has been started of creating audio descriptions for crucial visual information. This practice has become very common in European and American countries and has made viewing of movies by a vision impaired person a very fulfilling and a complete experience.

Types of Audio Description:

Such audio described movies are available in three forms-

  • Audio described Video Cassettes
  • Audio described VCDs
  • Audio described programmes for TV telecast

Steps to be taken for audio description:-

The audio descriptions in video cassettes and VCDs are inserted wherever the dialogues are absent. This is essentially a single audio channel recording for the audio descriptions and dialogues both. In the audio described movies and programs for TV telecast the audio description is rendered in a separate audio channel, then the audio channel used for dialogues and sound effects.

To sort out these problems followings steps are need to be taken

  • Identification of places where audio descriptions are required.
  • Assessment of time gaps available for audio descriptions
  • Preparation of scripts to be spoken as audio descriptions
  • Recording of the audio descriptions
  • Including the audio descriptions in the movie sound track
  • Editing of the script
  • Editing of the script
  • Preparing the Video cassettes and VCDs of the movie

Under the project, we have been able to complete 4 films;Black, which is based on the subject of deaf blindness, directed by Mr. Sanjay Bansali and the other movie is especially done for the children Kat Kat Kad Kaddu. Animation film Hanuman, and Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. The script is ready for Fanna and Lageraho MunnaBhai. The voice overfor these films has been done by Mrs. Sushma Seth, who is also the Patron of Saksham.

These films were screened at the International Film Festival in Hyderabad in October. The response has been tremendous which has encouraged us to move forward and complete long list of entertaining movies. This project is totally a non commercial venture and the movies are distributed free of cost all over India.

We would like to carry on our project by working on number of popular movies on different subjects for different age groups as well as educational and documentary films.

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