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Saksham Daksh School For Children With Blindness And Children With Multiple Disabilities
Distribution Centre Of Aids And Appliance For Persons With Blindness Or Low Vision
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Children with multiple disability need special training and education and most of them cannot be integrated in the main stream institutions. Children with blindness can be integrated to the main stream schools however; they too need support services such as accessible reading materials, regular counselling and guidance for parents and teachers. Introduction of special teaching methodologies in the main stream schools where the child is integrated, etc. Such special schools and resource centres are available in Delhi. However, we realized that children with multiple disability or children with blindness living in Noida were not able to take any benefits of these centres. During our interactions with special educators, we also realized that some children with blindness were already enrolled in the main stream schools but did not have access to any support services due to which they were facing a lot of difficulty and not able to get quality education in Noida region. There fore, Saksham Trust established the Saksham Daksh School which has most experienced Special educators, speech Therapist, Occupational therapist, transportation facility, functional assessment and sensory stimulation rooms.

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