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It stands to reason that children who are visually impaired or deaf-blind would be
more reliant on touch or their tactile sense to experience the world. These
children have different needs and different skills related to their use of touch in
learning. Unfortunately, many of us donít knowall that much about how to help
these children develop better tactile skills and make better use of their tactual

We are beginning to use hand-under-hand in our interactions with these children, and becoming more mindful of what message our touch conveys. We are providing them with a greater variety of textures and materials and giving them more time and opportunities for independent exploration of these objects. We are recognizing that hand use progresses systematically simply by the child completing constant repetition of specific hand movement schemes. We are thinking about touch as it relates to literacy and general learning. In short, we are becoming better educated about the importance of developing touch in all our children with visual impairments and deaf-blindness.

Developing the sense of touch and good hand use skills are important goals for
any child who is blind or deaf-blind.
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