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At Saksham, we believe that together we are stronger. We regularly collaborate with like-minded organisations to increase impact.


DFI is one such initiative. A network of 192 organizations spread across the country, it was created in 2007 with this belief in the power of collective efforts and a shared vision of making print accessible for persons with print disabilities.


Saksham is the Secretariat of DFI and our Founder-Managing Trustee Mr. Dipendra Manocha is the President of DFI since its inception.


Major achievements of DFI :


  1. DFI was a key stakeholder in the launch of Sugamaya Pustakalaya in 2016 under the Digital India initiative of Government of India. The initiative led to the creation of a central repository of accessible books and has helped to minimise duplication of work or wastage of resources.
  2. DFI advocacy efforts with the Government of India under the leadership of Mr Manocha led to the successful adoption of the Copyright Amendment Act in May 2012.
  3. Accessible Books Consortium (ABC), initiative of World Intellectual Property Organization(WIPO) is network of libraries across world for exchanging of accessible books under Marakesh Treaty. Sugamya Pustaklaya is a registered member of Accessible Books Consortium (ABC), an initiative of World Intellectual Property Organization(WIPO). ABC is a network of libraries across the world that facilitates exchange of accessible books under Marakesh Treaty. Being a member of ABC means that we can share any accessible book from Sugamya Pustakalaya with the rest of the world and can get access to any accessible book from any ABC library worldwide.


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