Guidance and Support

Guidance and Support for Setting-Up an Accessible Digital Library

Wish to set-up an accessible digital library and unsure how? Write to us and our experts will guide you to do just that so that you can offer books meaningful to any print disabled person. Our team has experience of working with partners across India and has supported the setting up of many accessible digital libraries.

We will also support you if you wish to join Sugamya Pustakalaya by becoming a member organization of DFI. There are various advantages of joining DFI:-

  1. Your Accessible Digital Library will be listed on Sugamaya Pustakalaya’ s page;
  2. You will be able to enroll persons with print disabilities onto Sugamya Pustakalaya under your library;
  3. You can upload Accessible Books onto Sugamya Pustakalaya. This will allow students from any part of the country to download the books uploaded by you!
  4. You will stay upto-date with all new developments when it comes to accessible content conversion for reading and writing;
  5. You will get a chance to participate in DFI’s Board Meetings and share your valuable opinions with all registered DFI member organizations!

Guidance and Support to an existing Public/Educational Institution Library to become Inclusive

Many public/institutional libraries continue to have insufficient resources for persons with print disabilities. You can help us change that. Get in touch with us and our Team will support you in making your library inclusive. We will provide you with our collection of accessible books, support you in setting up accessible seats along with computers equipped with screen-reading and writing softwares such as Indo-NVDA and DAISY Players, and even help you register your print disabled reader onto Sugamaya Pustaklaya. We can also guide you on how to procure braille books. Write to us today at and make your library inclusive!