SmartCane device is an electronic travel Aid for persons with blindness jointly developed by IIT Delhi, Saksham and Phoenix Medical Systems with the support of Wellcome Trust. It fits on a normal white cane and informs user about the presence of obstacles from knee to head height within a distance of 3 meters. It was released to people in March 2014; To address the challenge that the device is available across the country along with training and support, Saksham and IIT worked on a 3 years joint project funded by Wellcome Trust till April 2017. The idea was to create a network of partner organizations as well as trainers so that the device is available even in the remotest part of the country along with quality training and enable the users to start their journey of Safe and Independent mobility without the fear of collisions with the unknown obstacles. Smart cane is provided free of cost under the ADIP scheme of government of India to persons with blindness with family income below Rs 15000 per month. Smart Cane can be purchased online through [Saktek foundation online shop]. [E-mail to us] to know more about Smart Cane, quantity discount, purchases from outside India, etc. Details about Smart Cane development project and technical details are available on the

In 2018, Saksham launched Saktek Foundation, a non-profit section 8 company to ensure these solutions reach families across India and to this end also launched an online store on 14 December 2019